Little-Known Ways We Use to Attract More Open House Guests

Little-Known Ways We Use to Attract More Open House Guests

  • Daniel Moss
  • 06/25/23

If you are a homeowner, selling your house is one of the most significant steps you will ever take. Perhaps it was the first house you ever bought or the home you raised your family in. The home served you well for many years, but when it's time to move on, you will want to get your home sold quickly, especially when you have a new home on the horizon. Once you are ready to sell your home, you want to work with an agent specializing in Malibu real estate.

While many agents rely solely on the Internet, more experienced agents will use multiple methods to get your home sold, combining modern and traditional marketing tactics. One of our most tried and true techniques is to host open houses for your listing. Open houses are highly effective for luxury listings, especially in the Malibu area, and are one of the best ways to attract prospective buyers. And with our foolproof marketing techniques, we'll attract even more buyers than you can imagine. Here are some open house tips for sellers to get more buyers through the front door.

Cater marketing to the target audience

You may have some reservations about hosting an open house as a seller. You will have multiple strangers walking through your house at the same time. You may also have some misconceptions about open houses. Do they even work? Can you find buyers from an open house? Absolutely! In fact, when done right, open houses can be one of the most effective tools for attracting enthusiastic, qualified buyers who are ready to book another private showing for your property or even submit an offer. In a city like Malibu, you are going to want to pull all the stops on your marketing efforts, and that includes hosting open houses.

We have a ton of experience hosting open houses in the Malibu area, so we understand what it takes to host a lively open house. So how do you ensure your open house is a success? Through careful planning. We begin our marketing efforts long before we host the first open house, especially when we are working with highly sought-after listings. We post our open houses and listings on social media. We also reach out to our network of buyers and sellers in order to build anticipation for the listing itself, which brings an even bigger crowd to your open house. Our purpose is to match you with qualified buyers, and our open houses are one of the best marketing tools we have.

Invite neighbors to the open house

When hosting an open house, we aim to get as many people to walk through the door as possible. Bustling open houses tend to get more prospective buyers through the door since many don't want to be the only ones going through the open house. As such, we don't just rely on prospective buyers to fill our open houses. We also invite your neighbors to our open houses. At first glance, this might seem odd. Why would you want to invite neighbors to your open house? They already live in the area. Neighbors are some of the best guests to invite to your open house.

But they have some of the best insight into what prospective buyers are looking for in your area.

Your neighbors are also one of the best marketing tools at your disposal. While your neighbor might not be actively searching for real estate within the neighborhood, many people want friends and family to live near them, so they may take this opportunity to see whether or not anyone in their inner circle would be interested in purchasing your house. In some cases, your neighbors are searching for a new home. Maybe you have private beach access, but your neighbor's home doesn't. They might be willing to upgrade, and scoping your open house out might be their first step in submitting an offer. Simply put, don't overlook your neighbors.

Try different times to attract a wider audience

Many open houses are hosted on the weekends. Traditionally, agents host open houses on weekends since many prospective buyers work during the week, and the weekends are when they have time off. While many people still work the traditional 9-5 during the week, many people who live in the Malibu area work different hours. Some buyers work during the weekend and cannot attend Saturday or Sunday open houses. Even without considering work schedules, many people have weekend plans or go on trips during the weekend, so they might not have time to go to a weekend open house. That's why we do things differently.

We host open houses during various time slots. Sometimes we host open houses on weeknights or during the week. Hosting open houses during different times can attract a different pool of buyers we might not have otherwise. This out-of-the-box method of thinking could also bring you one step closer to finding the right buyer for your home.

Sell your Malibu home today

Are you considering moving? Whether you are searching for Malibu land to build your dream house or you're seeking the perfect beachfront property, selling your home is crucial for helping you step forward. When you're ready to move on to the next stage, you need experienced agents you can trust. With two generations of agents and a lifetime of local area expertise, Bill & Daniel Moss are your trusted Malibu real estate agents. If you're thinking about selling, give us a call today, and we'll provide you with a free home valuation. We'll get your home sold!

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