Meet Bill & Daniel

Two Generations Born & Raised in Malibu


Meet Bill

Bill Moss is a lifetime Malibu resident who grew up at the top of Big Rock Drive and after graduating college he moved back to Malibu and built his own home in Malibu Park where he and his wife, Amanda, lived for 30 years and raised 2 sons. Bill and Amanda still live in Malibu and have bought numerous properties in Malibu where they plan to split their time between them.

Bill went into Real Estate after moving back to Malibu after College and over his 35 years in the business he is the #1 agent in Malibu for Properties sold with over 2,000 properties sold, listed and leased in Malibu. During his career he also managed the Coldwell Banker in Pacific Palisades for 10 years where he brought production up to being the #1 Coldwell Banker Office in the Country.

Outside of Real Estate, Bill is an accomplished tennis player from an early age where he played for the University of Arizona. He currently is the #1 tennis player for the 60+ or over division and top 5 in the world. He and Daniel are also #1 in the country in doubles for the same division winning the last national in November 2020.

Bill Moss Experience


Malibu Realtor for Malibu Properties Sold


Sold over 800 Homes


Sold over 1000 parcels


#1 Mountain and Cyn Realtor with over 350 sales


#1 Big Rock Specialist with over 200 sales


#1 Malibu Park Specialist with over 50 sales


Managed and sold over 6000 properties


#1 Coldwell Banker Producer Award


Top 1% Agent for Coldwell Banker


Managed #1 Nationally Ranked Coldwell Banker Office

Meet Daniel

Daniel Moss is a lifetime Malibu resident where he went to Juan Cabrillo, Malibu Jr High & Malibu High. During High School, he was one of the top tennis players in the country and had scholarship offers to go to multiple schools across the country. He chose Pepperdine University in Malibu for multiple reasons, they were a top tennis team in the country and he felt there was no other place in the US that could compete with the lifestyle Malibu offered. After finishing College, Daniel decided to get into Real Estate because he saw his Father in the business his whole life and knew this was a career where he could talk about something he loved and truly help people find the exact part of this city that fit their specific lifestyle and to showcase properties knowing what makes that specific property special.

Daniel has been able to give key insight into all aspects of Malibu and prides himself on his knowledge of this city and both the real estate market as well as the process in building and remodeling in this city. Over the 10 years he has been in the business he has been consistently one of top producing young agents in the business and has sold over $100,000,000 in the past 2 years.

Daniel currently lives in the Malibu Mountains and in his off time he enjoys taking his dogs running through the backbone trail, playing tennis at the Malibu Racquet Club and supporting the Pepperdine Tennis teams.

Daniel Moss Experience


Sold in the past 12 Months


Gross Lease Income


Gross Lease Income in past 12 Months


Rookie of the Year for Coldwell Banker

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Bill and Daniel's enthusiasm and expertise in selling and leasing Malibu homes will get you the highest price for your property and the representation you can trust.

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