The Best Malibu Beaches to Call Home

The Best Malibu Beaches to Call Home

  • Daniel Moss
  • 03/29/24
Malibu is home to 27 miles of scenic beauty stretching along the coastline—so it’s no wonder many celebrities and entertainment and business elites call this serene and sun-soaked beach paradise home. 
The oceanfront properties and beachfront homes along this beautiful slice of SoCal are highly exclusive and sought-after by families for its top-rated schools, as well as by the rich and famous seeking secluded sanctuaries.
With so much coastline to choose from, it can be difficult to navigate the fluctuating home prices throughout each community. Each neighborhood boasts its own character and lifestyle, ranging from small, private beaches to expansive sandy shorelines. However, no matter which Malibu beachside community you opt to call home, you’re sure to be surrounded by unparalleled beauty. 
The following list highlights the property values and unique character of Malibu’s most sought-after beach communities, starting from east to west.


This coveted community is known as the first real beach in Malibu and is the closest to Santa Monica. Topanga Beach is made up of just a small grouping of homes off a private road below the Pacific Coast Highway and is a popular surfing, scuba diving, and fishing spot. The beach is only walkable at low and medium tide; however, a neighboring beach to the west is a walkable wet beach. 
The homes here rarely come on the market—and for good reason. Perched just above the water, these properties range in size from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet, complete with stairs leading directly down to the beach. By night, most of the homes have a beautiful view of the city lights known as Queen's Necklace. 

Las Tunas

Las Tunas is a small, rocky beach located on the Pacific Coast Highway. It is far less populated and more private than some of the other beach communities in Malibu. 
Properties here are situated directly above the water, and range in size from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet with lots generally less than 40 feet wide. While home prices in this area are typically lower than similar oceanfront locations in Malibu, many properties in Las Tunas feature spacious beach frontage and stairs leading directly to the shore below. Additionally, most have beautiful views of Queen's Necklace.

Big Rock

Big Rock is akin to Las Tunas, though nestled a little deeper into Malibu. Known for the reefs of its namesake rock, Big Rock is popular among scuba divers, and its rocky shores make for excellent fishing and kayaking.
Many of the homes here were built in the mid-1900s as single-story duplex or triplexes situated on wide lots perched above the rocky beach. 
Located on the water's edge, the neighborhood meanders up the canyon to Big Rock Drive, where most of the homes boast panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean by day and Queen's Necklace by night. 

Las Flores    

Nestled between the Big Rock and La Costa communities, Las Flores features a long stretch of predominantly dry sand and is known as Malibu’s first walkable beach. Many of the homes here are built above a narrow and sandy beach, frequently underwater at high tide. This hidden gem is a quiet enclave with very little public access or parking, so it’s predominantly limited to locals and beach residents. 
Residents in Las Flores enjoy yard space—a coveted rarity in Malibu—and direct access to the beach, mere steps from their homes. Home prices are more affordable than other Malibu communities, as property sizes generally range from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet and contain smaller lots. 

La Costa

La Costa is a highly desirable community in which residents enjoy a private sandy beach mere steps from their homes. Properties here boast sweeping views of the Santa Monica Bay and coastline city lights. The architecture and terrain here are akin to Carbon Beach, though the homes are much smaller so they’re generally less expensive. 

Carbon Beach

Carbon Beach is known as “Billionaire’s Row,” so it’s no wonder this sandy stretch of shoreline is home to celebrities and business and entertainment tycoons, with oceanfront properties selling for upwards of $50 million. These luxury estates range in size from 3,000 to 6,000 square feet and come with wide lots, expansive yards, and direct access to a pristine sandy beach. Homes in Carbon Beach boast stunning views of Catalina Island, Queen's Necklace, and the iconic Malibu Pier.

Malibu Colony

The prestigious Malibu Colony was one of Malibu’s first beachside playgrounds for the rich and famous. It dates back to the 1930s when the widow of an oil and electric company magnate, May Rindge, owned all 27 miles of Malibu coastline. She later leased the beach lots to the Hollywood elite, and Malibu Colony eventually became known as the exclusive “Malibu Beach Motion Picture Colony.”
Today, Malibu Colony retains its old Hollywood allure, intermingled with modern architectural grandeur. It is the only guard-gated community on a sandy beach in Malibu and remains popular among wealthy Los Angeles denizens seeking an exclusive beach sanctuary. The stunning beachfront and landside homes boast magnificent ocean vistas and sell for anywhere between $11 million and $20 million.

Malibu Road

This prestigious oceanfront enclave lies just beyond the gates of Malibu Colony along a quiet stretch of road off the Pacific Coast Highway. Typically selling for over $14 million, these coveted properties are justifiably some of the most expensive in the area. Residents of this highly desirable community enjoy the best of both worlds—luxury estates with expansive frontage lots mere steps from a serene stretch of sandy beach, and proximity to central Malibu and its premier shopping and dining destinations. 

Latigo Shore

Located off the Pacific Coast Highway, Latigo Shore is a tranquil oasis nestled on one of Malibu’s most secluded sandy beaches. This quiet stretch of beach is devoid of crowds, lacks the population density of similar Malibu neighborhoods, and boasts limited beach access, adding to the serenity of this exclusive enclave. It exudes old Malibu charm with its single-story beachfront homes built over 30 years ago; though many have been modernized and renovated for discerning SoCal denizens seeking a luxurious and secluded respite from the Los Angeles hustle and bustle. 

Malibu Cove Colony

Malibu Cove Colony is the only beachfront community—besides the prestigious Malibu Colony—with 24/7 guard-gated access. Located off the Pacific Coast Highway, this luxurious oceanfront stretch boasts immaculate landscapes and modern and contemporary beachfront homes with stunning views. Malibu Cove Colony is a draw for anyone seeking low-key luxe and private beachfront living. The sandy beaches near Malibu Cove Colony are walkable at lower tide and popular among surfers.

Escondido Beach

The quiet community of Escondido Beach is akin to Latigo Shore, with its smaller beachfront homes tucked along a secluded road. This hidden gem is less crowded than neighboring Malibu beach communities, so it’s perfect for anyone seeking optimal privacy. Homes here are either mere steps from the beach or accessible via stairs leading directly down to the bluff. Homes in this community feature a mix of old Malibu charm and upgraded luxury estates.
The sandy Escondido Beach, located just below the iconic Malibu restaurant Geoffrey’s, is perfect for a leisurely stroll, or a sun-soaked afternoon of lounging along the sprawling coastline.

Sea Lane & Adjacent PCH

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming homes adjacent to Sea Lane; this gated community boasts some of the most incredible estates Malibu has to offer. The homes outside of Sea Lane generally boast well over an acre of usable land on the bluff, complete with stunning ocean views and spacious lots featuring amenities such as tennis courts, guest houses, and cabanas on one of the most beautiful beaches in Malibu. These coveted homes very rarely come on the market, and when they do, can sell for over $80 million. Just beyond the prestigious gates of Sea Lane Drive are a grouping of fewer than 20 homes with exclusive access to an immaculate beach. 

Broad Beach

Located on the west end of Malibu, Broad Beach encompasses a short two-lane-road stretch off the Pacific Coast Highway. Most of these oceanside homes have direct access to a sandy beach and feature yards facing the ocean for seamless indoor/outdoor beachfront living. Many properties boast expansive ocean frontage, which accounts for home costs of upwards of $30 million.
Broad Beach is popular among surfers, bodyboarders, and windsurfers when conditions are favorable.

Encinal Bluff to County Line

The highly exclusive oceanside estates of Encinal Bluffs are unique in that they boast several acres of usable flat land, beach frontage, serenity, and unparalleled panoramic views of the coast. Residents in these desirable estates include celebrities and business elites who enjoy optimal privacy. Homes prices range from $50 million to $100 million, and justifiably so. These spacious estates generally boast large square footage and amenities such as guest retreats, tennis courts, pools, and unmatched oceanfront privacy, complete with acres of beautifully manicured property directly on the water. 

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